Large Business Solution

…your integration tool

Integrate your different systems into one
Easybowl’s large business solutions let you integrate a number of independent systems, e.g. matrix book, lane control computer, PoS (Point-of-Sale) system, customer database, restaurant reservation system etc., into one system.

Consequently, you, your sales staff, your back-office, and your front-desk employees only have to deal with one system. The stronger the integration, the stronger your internal control and the greater the uniformity in the operational processes. This allows you to fine-tune business parameters and increase utilization and revenues.

What is especially unique about Easybowl is the development of a 1:1:1 integration between event reservations, lane startup, and the PoS system. Not only does the system automatically handle all lane commands (start, stop, move, print score) when the reservation/walk-in customer is checked in, but it also ensures that the payment is made. The lanes cannot be opened without going through the PoS system and collecting payment for the exact number of games. This way you can make sure that your money stays yours!

As an owner, manager or stockholder – you’ll love it!

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