Automated Lane Management

Utility Module

With this module, your front desk staff don’t even have to worry about opening up the lanes when a reservation is due. By integrating lane control with the ECM system, all lane commands can be automatically executed.

When your front desk has checked in the customer, the open lane command is automatically listed and waits to be execute until the time of the reservation. All other lane functions can also be executed from the ECM lane control allowing you to control all lane-related functions from just one computer.

Another benefit of integrating check-ins with lane starts is that you can be certain that all games sold are also accounted for.

Not only will your front desk staff have more time to upsell, they'll also be able to check in customers early and assign them lanes. Automating lane starts drastically reduces the turnaround time between customers, which, in turn, allows more games to be sold over the span of the day. Being able to check in early also gives your customers more time to spend money on other activities while waiting. Fewer queues equals higher beverage sales.

…the easy way to maximize profit