Booking Guide Module

Advanced Setup Module

This resource management tool lets you optimize and streamline your sales like never before. By predefining what packages you want sold at what times and in which quantities, you won’t have to lose sleep about any more “silly bookings”.

The products and packages displayed for sale on the screens of your sales staff will be limited to those you have specified – and only in the quantities you require. So, if you only want three birthday parties at a time in your center, this offer will be displayed as sold out as soon as this quantity is reached. Of course, any other available time slots will be displayed. All designed to control and optimize.

This module is packed with features for maximizing profit. For example, it even lets you specify when a product can be released for sale according to the reservation date. Now you can offer and sell more lucrative packages and products first, and fill up capacity with these before less profitable products are released and offered.

The Booking Guide also helps you control the inflow of customers: by defining the quantity you want to offer of a product within a given time frame, you can optimize your operations in terms of capacity utilization and staffing. Instead of experiencing peaks when everybody seems to be arriving at the same time or when you have to call in extra waiters, you can spread out arrivals evenly across the day – and use less staff.

What’s more, all this is automated and can be utilized even by inexperienced sales staff.

…eliminate “silly” bookings