Compound & Selection Articles

PoS Module

In connection with Basic PoS or Presale this module allows you to setup products/packages that are a combination of several single products but figure as one e.g. Pizza and Bowling (pizza, bowling, shoes, etc.) or Birthday Package (bowling, burger, coke, fries, candy etc.). It also allows for the set up of selection products which makes it possible to choose between different sub-products in the main product e.g. Two Course Dinner with choice between different starters and different main courses.

It makes it a lot faster to ring up the products and the employees know exactly what the products/packages consist of. You decide the division of the money between each of the components in the product and the turnover can of course be distributed to the relevant department for each component in the product e.g. bowling, snack bar, bar etc.

…the easy way to ring up products