Internet Reservation Module

Basic Module

Just by adding one button to your website, your customers can start booking and paying for their lanes on the internet. It's never been easier to bring in new customers and save time and money in the process.

With ECM’s internet reservation, you get a sales office that is open 24/7 and your customers get a significant improvement in service. Now they can see at a glance what products are available, and when. The system runs in real time and the second a customer completes a reservation online, it shows up on your screen in the center.

You decide exactly what you want to offer, and at what hours, while the system automatically displays available products. In order not to lose the customer, other products will be displayed if anything is sold out. You decide if you want the customer to prepay a deposit or the full amount for the product - here's your opportunity to put an end to the annoyance of no-shows.

This new sales channel adds new customers to your customer base and puts money in your pocket even in case of no-shows. You get your money up-front and you can run a 24/7 sales office without any additional expenses. Suddenly your business is world wide!

…the easy way to maximize profit