Time Registration Module

Basic Module

The Time Registration Module not only integrates the classic punch clock with the ECM system, it also adds all the benefits of computerization. Just as they did with the old punch clock, your staff have to sign in when arriving and sign out when leaving work, but this is as far as any similarities go.

The system automatically calculates the user’s total hours in any period. If there are deviations from schedule at sign-in or sign-out, the Time Registration Module will flag it and prompt for an explanation. You can even specify how late you will allow individual employees to be before a manager needs to get involved. Overtime hours and other exceptions to regular payment can also be calculated automatically.

All you have to do is enter projected work schedules into the system, which will then give you a clear overview of manning and keep track of hours. Simple-to-view graphs of each day’s manning maximize efficiency. And individual work schedules can be seen at a glance – and easily printed out. All designed to save you time and money.

…the advanced punch clock