…the development of a unique software system

Easybowl is a Danish-owned software company dedicated to developing an advanced center management system for the event center industry. A system that is among the best in the world and we say with pride that you will not find anything like it!

Developed to increase event centers’ profits and customer service!
The event industry has changed dramatically during the last 15 years with Open Play becoming a growing source of income. In Denmark, the evolution has been extremely fast. Today more than 80% of all event centers offer a reservation service for Open Play guests. Our experience in Denmark indicates that reservation service and Open Play offerings generate and attract more Newbizz among both private and corporate customers. All with more spending power than the average sports performer. This leads to higher utilization of lanes in prime time which, in turn, increases profits.

Development of our software has been carried out in a joint venture with some of the world’s most successful event center proprietors and handpicked software engineers and specialists.

Developed by proprietors for proprietors
Among the owners and founders of Easybowl, you’ll find the following skills and areas of competence:

* Software engineers with 15 years’ experience in developing and managing reservation systems for the event center industry. Detailed knowledge about daily center operation
* Big Bowl, Scandinavia’s most successful bowling proprietor, with one of the world’s highest revenues per lane
* Software engineers and specialists with detailed knowledge of programming Windows features and calendar systems on Windows platforms
So much experience with professional management of reservation services and center operations has ensured that all Easybowl products are thoroughly tested and stable. They are also highly flexible and adjustable to any type and size of bowling and entertainment business.


Profitable, low investment – with a high impact!
Special features have been developed with the specific goal of increasing revenue or saving costs and minimizing waste by increasing efficiency and internal control – and thereby transforming the operation into an effective modern event center business.

Throughout the development process, we have emphasized the following points:
• User-friendliness and a high degree of flexibility
• Optimization and automation of manual routines
• Strong internal control
• Optimization of lane utilization and handling
• Statistical material for marketing, product development etc.
• Easy front desk routines
• Better customer care when taking reservations and handling waiting lines

… and the development continues!